The Best Voip Service

Until now, small businesses have no other alternative than the traditional fixed landline phone system, which is often located at the corner of the office and linked to the traditional BT connections, usually ISDN lines. However, today Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP technology has become a viable solution for even small companies since broadband internet connection has become an affordable option and quite popular among businesses. VoIP is quite inexpensive technology that provides inexpensive voice communications and can be used in more than one location, offering the chance to provide joined up telecom at an affordable price.

totelvoip.4VoIP has to offer many additional features and benefits over traditional telephony. The most significant benefit is that it usually brings together all your company users into a single system and a single point of billing. This means that you no longer have to worry about the individuals claiming for call expenses each month if they have been working from home or other locations. It also means that any person calling within your organization regardless of his location can make a free call. Internal calls on VoIP are always free even if you make a call from any other location of the world. Greater part of savings come from an ability for hosted VoIP providers to offer bundle deals for calls.

Through providing a bundle deal, Hosted VoIP providers can save you a lot of amount on standard calls. It is not very rare to see a flat fee per month on calls being made to different locations. Some providers are also now offering bundles that include a near unlimited number of international calls too. In summary, all these characteristics and benefits save your business money through reducing your phone bills and it also provides you many of the telecom features with no additional charges.



VoIP has many exciting additional features which come free of cost as these features are usually bundled with the best VoIP service. These include call recording, per extension voicemail, call divert, call redirect and many more. Along with that, many employees come and go from your company and overtime some of your existing employees may leave the company. With traditional telephony, it is quite expensive to add a new phone number or changing an existing line. This job is also time consuming and also requires the services of an expert who charges per service call. The best VoIP service is best for the growing businesses which need changes along with their rampant growth. VoIP also increases your employees’ productivity, it provides you with several large, enterprise-level communications capabilities such as auto attendant and follow features. Until now these are quite expensive technologies which can be used through Private branch exchange or PBX. However, in today’s VoIP solutions, your small business can have access to all of these advanced capabilities. With the help of VoIP, you do not need to maintain a separate networks of voice and data. You can converge both networks into a single network making all the management quite easier.